Moulding Young Minds: US Public Schools Preaching the Virtues of War On Iran


Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
Dec 18, 2012

What exactly are we teaching your children?

I remember my history lessons in school. Among many things, I can recall Normandy, Patton’s march through France and the Battle of the Bulge, Korea, Vietnam and how about the millions of deaths on – as well as off, the fields of battle throughout history.

All in all, it was a tale of battles won and lost, and as was rightly put by my junior high school teacher – a tale of caution for future generations. But as young students, we were never taught to idiosyncrasies of ‘war-gaming’ a conflict in the future.

Nor can I recall getting lessons in school about using various aspects of asymmetrical warfare to encircle an enemy, or how admirable and clever it is to deploy terrorist units to bomb a country in order to ‘soften it up’ from within.

Unbeknownst to many people, there are school teachers who are delivering pro-war propaganda, indoctrinating young children with violent globalist military stratagem selling the concept of an inevitable war on the people of Iran as well as anyone else deemed as ‘Axis’ powers in relation to western central planning.

Interestingly, and quite horrific in fact, when challenged by his young (and extremely bright) female student over her idea of obtaining from a western pre-emptive intervention against Iran, the teacher addressing these students laid down a nonnegotiable maxim stating:

“… one of the rules (in this discussion) is you can’t do nothing”.

The female student followed his NLP intellectual diversion by rightly pointing out to him:

“But we (the US) are the only country in the world that’s ever used nuclear weapons”.

To which the teacher replies sharply:

“That’s irrelevant.”

It appears also towards the end of the video, that the class was being monitored by the principal’s office, who then summoned the student in question to the office. Orwellian – in the extreme.

This is the generation of children who may be asked – or drafted in to fight a coming war with Iran and others – so is this part of the indoctrination of future soldiers? Maybe.

Certainly here, it’s safe to say that teachers are grooming the next generation of compliant consumer spectators with some heavy indoctrination.

Watch the classroom exchange recorded by the student:

Immediately, the first thing that’s come to mind here is remembering what Cosby Stills and Nash tried to tell us – all those decades ago…



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7 Responses to “Moulding Young Minds: US Public Schools Preaching the Virtues of War On Iran”

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  2. Angel Scott Says:

    Holy cow. What happens now? Are they going to prosecute her for recording the conversation “without permission?”
    Where did this happen?
    Can we follow up and support her?

  3. Big M Says:

    People need to stop calling these government youth indoctrination centers and low-security prisons “public” schools. If something is “public,” then everybody has a right to use them, and they have A CHOICE as to whether or not they use them.

    • Chris Says:

      Really? Parents both work and can’t afford private school. So please explain where their choice is at? Parents can be arrested when their kids do not go to school. So explain the choice again?

      • Big M Says:

        You’re painting with a pretty broad brush here, aren’t you? And if they arrest parents in such cases, that’s flatly illegal, and I don’t care what any “law” says. Besides, what are they going to do with the kids after that happens? I won’t go into what ought to happen to any pig who tries to arrest people because they don’t send their kids to these statist cesspools.

        By the way, ever hear of home-schooling?

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