British Bill of Rights review deadlock means little progress on legislation before next election

The Independent
Dec 19, 2012

An attempt by David Cameron to pave the way for a British Bill of Rights suffered a setback today when a commission set up by the Government failed to agree amongst themselves.

Cameron: Set-backs likely to delay any introduction of bill of rights

Although seven of the nine members of the Commission on a Bill of Rights agreed there is a strong argument for a UK law, two members opposed the idea, warning that it could be “dangerous, with unintended consequences“.

The deadlock is likely to mean little progress on legislation to reform human rights is made before the next general election.  The Conservatives are likely to offer a “British Bill” in their manifesto in 2015.  But the Liberal Democrats, who do not want to dilute the commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights, will seize on the split on the Commission.

The review was launched by the Coalition after mounting Tory pressure to reform human rights laws after a string of controversial rulings by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, such as saying that prisoners should be allowed to vote at general elections and blocking the extradition of alleged terrorists…

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One Response to “British Bill of Rights review deadlock means little progress on legislation before next election”

  1. Guy Jones Says:

    We already have a bill of rights (1668). It was the basis for the U.S. Bill of rights, and it was a reafirmation of Magna Carta. And it makes it unlawful and treasonous for us to be ruled from Europe. So all those who have aided and added to E.U. membership and legislation should at the very least rot on jail for the rest of their miserable and seditious existences. Instead they live high on the hog.

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