The Quality of Washington’s Plan to Drag Iran Into a Third World War

Fraternity Boy gone wrong: where did Patrick Clawson harvest all of his neo-conservative ideas?

21st Century Wire

They’re like school kids playing war games.

Listen to this supposedly qualified academic talking head, Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con think tank, the Washington Institute for Near East Studies – muse on about what underhanded stunts the US could hope for in kicking off WW3 in Iran.

Shameful, yet, someone is paying this guy good money to degraded American credibility abroad.

This is the quality of the garbage currently spewing out of most prestigious Washington think tanks. Clearly, they have lost touch with reality and should be treated as extensions of the international criminal class.

Q: How many other psychopaths are currently nibbling away at our liberties in these so-called ‘think tanks’?




3 Responses to “The Quality of Washington’s Plan to Drag Iran Into a Third World War”

  1. The Quality of Washington’s Plan to Drag Iran Into a Third World War | Sovereign Independent UK Says:

    […]… […]

  2. Northsider Says:

    In addition to the conspiracy elements in all of this, there’s also the vicarious sense of machismo neo-con and liberal interventionist couch commandoes get out of talking and writing tough. If there were a law enacted that stipulated that every politician, every journalist, every policy wonk and every “human rights campaigner”, who demanded military intervention would be immediately dispatched to the front line himself or herself I reckon the calls for war here there and everywhere would evaporate to almost nothing very rapidly.

  3. Guy Jones Says:

    As an ex-combat infantryman with 20 years experience it would amuse me to see people like Clawson on the front line living up to the reality they create for others to live…in word or two…cock sucker!!

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