NATO Deploys Missiles & Troops On Syrian Border

NATO has begun deploying surface-to-air missiles and troops on Turkey’s border with Syria. The Alliance approved the reinforcements last month, after Ankara requested support. NATO claims the move is to help defend its member from the conflict in Syria. But Moscow said the deployment will only serve to escalate tension in the region. Germany and the Netherlands are preparing to ship six more Patriot batteries early next week, they’ll be operational by the end of January. However, Jeremy Salt, a Middle Eastern history and politics professor from Bilkent University says NATO is actually now realizing who it’s supporting, and losing its appetite for direct action in Syria.


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2 Responses to “NATO Deploys Missiles & Troops On Syrian Border”

  1. Randa Says:

    NATO is the anti-christ.

  2. Carl Jones Says:

    Of course, this is a joke. Syria poses no threat to Turkey, which has the largest none nuclear armed forces in the world. Something is going to happen, because there are stories that the US is distancing itself from their imported al-Qaeda mercenaries over major incidences of indiscipline. Assad looks strong in this video

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