SQUARE OFF: Is America Over-Reacting With ‘Post-Newtown’ Power Politics?

21st Century Wire
Jan 10, 2013

In what the US mainstream media is now referring to as the ‘Post New Town’ political epoch in America, notorious Talk Show host Alex Jones of Infowars.com fame was summoned to the CNN bunker to sit opposite Piers Morgan following AJ’s campaign to deport Piers Morgan.

But the street is split on who came out on top in this recent Square Off between these two media moguls. Mainline viewers are currently rounding on Jones, accusing him of coming off like a raving lunatic who wouldn’t give his opponent the courtesy of any debate – as Morgan claims Sandy Hook was the final straw and Americans need to be disarmed. Alternative media spectators are rounding on Morgan because he sounded like an elitist carpet-bagging toff and was ‘owned’ by Jones on Morgan’s CNN home pitch, as Jones drilled him on the fundamentals of the US Constitution’s sacrosanct Second Amendment – the right the keep, and bare arms.

So we are asking you – the punters who matter, our readers – beyond this battle of Morgan vs Jones, tell us what is the real issue at stake here and how should this debate end – and why – as we SQUARE OFF…

Piers: Ban Guns in America / Alex: Keep the Second Amendment


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7 Responses to “SQUARE OFF: Is America Over-Reacting With ‘Post-Newtown’ Power Politics?”

  1. essential-intelligence Says:

    This manufactured spectacle just proves that Alex Jones is controlled opposition (or useful idiot) meant to discredit constitutionalist patriots as raving lunatics, exactly as we suggested last month:

  2. Cozmik Says:

    I am an English woman, but Piers is a tool and he is being used by the NWO(CNN)…i cannot believe he is too thick to work that one out. He is letting this country down big time because a lot of us know what the the hidden agenda is in all of this…pity he doesn’t.

    Alex Jones let himself down too because most were on his side. not so sure now. That’s what the NWO evil of the world wants, all of us making fools of ourselves while they get exactly what they want, which is – America – totally disarmed. They are using idiot Left wing actors/Media types/singers to do their dirty work.
    The removal of your guns is just the start and it has to happen because they know you WILL fight back if you have the power to do so, the minute you all realise what their game is.
    Why do you think they’ve set up the Fema camps? Join up the dots America i beg of you.

    Not sure if i even believe Alex Jones now…this is all so contrived. Best not to, i think…looks like both of our countries are on our own.

    Please read this link because flase flags have a way of changing things…we cannot let them any more.
    9/11/school shoot outs/Govt sponsored terrorism/pretend death of Bin Liner who died in 2001…it has to stop, it’s pure evil.. Think about it please people…just think about it, that’s all i ask from both our countries.


    Our countries and people are not to blame for our woes, the Zionists controlling our countries are… they must take all of the blame and pay for it. That day of reckoning must surely come.

  3. Joe Cullen Says:

    Jones acted like a real prat.He was right and thats the sad thing. The average brain dead punter probably thought Morgan was the good guy.

  4. Randa Says:

    There is always a first time for everything ~ I agree with you El!

    Alex Jones made the pro-gun people look like a bunch of raving lunatics. It was quite embarassing actually.

    If the US gun lobby has this bozo as its spokesman, we’re doomed.

  5. Randa Says:

  6. Joann Says:

    I heard a conservative talk show host post an interesting thought: How is it possible that the Americans are talking all this gun control yet they are the same people who paid to fund fast and furious?

  7. jbg Says:

    The right to protect yourself and loved ones is a fundamental human right. To me this goes hand in hand in hand with the right to free shelter and quality healthcare. Those who want to arm themselves always have and always will, no matter what ‘laws’ are put in place.

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