BREAKING NEWS: President Obama to Announce New Gun Control Plans on Wednesday

21st Century Wire says… Brace yourself for impact, Obama’s ‘invite only’ second term starts now…

Philip Rucker and Sari Horwitz
Jan 15, 2013

President Obama will unveil a sweeping set of gun-control proposals at midday Wednesday, including an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and limits on the number of bullets magazines can hold, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The announcement, to be delivered at the White House, is also expected to include a slate of up to 19 executive actions that the Obama administration can take on its own to attempt to limit gun violence.  The White House has invited key lawmakers as well as gun-control advocates to appear at Wednesday’s policy roll-out, according to two officials who have been invited to the event.

Obama said at a news conference Monday that he would present his gun proposals later in the week. A White House spokesman said Tuesday morning that he could not confirm the plans.

Source: Washington Post

But why aren’t they investigating into the bizarre cover-up surrounding Sandy Hook, the event which magically spun this issue into play? Read this:



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5 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: President Obama to Announce New Gun Control Plans on Wednesday”

  1. Ms. Emily L. Hauser Has An Excellent Idea: Call ‘Em All!! POTUS Has BIG Gun News For This Wednesday. « The ObamaCrat.Com™ Says:

    […] From the 21st Century Wire: […]

  2. Randa Says:

    The only way now is the Local County Sheriff. The Sheriff Department has the power to prevent gun confiscation and/or control by simply not complying with the executive order or any laws handed down by the feds.

    (But I still may move up to the Quebec border! Australia is good, but I won’t abandon my dogs.)

  3. Joe Says:

    All those who wish to leave this country are wimps. It’s time to call out this president for what he really is…a traitor and an enemy of this country. He must be put in prison or legally executed.

    • Randa Says:

      Problem there is that they will have another psycho to take his place.

      We shall see what kind of response freedom-loving America has to this particular psycho’s speech this afternoon. I’m sure it will be the launching of his massive kill list. After all, they’re now murdering those who are critical of the kill list (Aaron Swartz).

  4. Randa Says:

    A case in point – 2 shot dead in Kentucky county where Sheriff will not comply with psycho Obama:

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