Why Are Our Political Elite So Obsessed With Lowering the Age of Consent?

Why are UK politicians so preoccupied with lowering the age of consent? Who asked for it to be lowered in the first place? Not parents in Britain, that’s for sure. Listen to this bit of common sense before you start your debate…

UPDATE: British PM Rules Out Lowering Age Of Consent To 14…



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5 Responses to “Why Are Our Political Elite So Obsessed With Lowering the Age of Consent?”

  1. rrosebbwalesrose Says:

    You are absolutely brilliant, I agree with every word you said. I really believe they are trying to limit the damage of the paedophile activities the so called ‘elite’ have been up to for years. You carry on ranting you are great.

  2. Lesley Greasley Says:

    Harriet Harmen is a disgrace. This is a damage limitation exercise, how many of the government nonces have been up to paedophile activities?

  3. Why Are Our Political Elite So Obsessed With Lowering the Age of Consent? (Contains Strong Language) | Sovereign Independent UK Says:

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  4. mccourt559 Says:

    Agree with Lesley every word. This suggestion of lowering the age of consent is a blatant attempt to cover up for evil acts already committed by the so called elite and this is an obvious paedophile agenda.

    P.I.E. Paedophile Information Exchange which was disbanded supposedly in 1984 tried the same thing and many politicians were members including Ms. Harmen and many still are. I think it just went ‘underground’ due to public disgust and is still lurking. Scotland Yard need to round these perverts up who are in Parliament, family court and social services and some no doubt in the police and Prosecution service, and in the establishment generally.

    It is now no secret that MI5 during the Kincora Boy’s home scandal in Northern Ireland used the abusers to gather information on loyalist terrorist and that worked so well for them by blackmailing them many say they do it to this day and extended it to the UK. Child abuse.

    We need and should demand our police do proper investigations with serious resources to turn them over or we will go outside the UK for justice to get independent justice.

  5. Northsider Says:

    And of course let’s not forget that Harriet Harman and that other Nulabor harridan, Patricia Hewitt, were both leading figures in the Council for Civil Liberties when it supported the Paedophile Information Exchange. When I heard Harman on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions last week daring to pontificate about child abuse I wanted to barf. The sheer gall of these people and their Beeb allies is staggering. That other BBC darling and supporter, Peter Tatchell, STILL supports the Paedophile Information Exchange

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