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US Boots in Bulgaria? ‘Foreign troops threat to sovereignty

December 18, 2012

It’s being reported that Bulgaria has invited the US to send troops to its territory. One Bulgarian daily newspaper says Washington has already pumped around 60 million dollars into rebuilding a training range in the country’s East. The government in Sofia says this will help boost regional security and assist with the training of its soldiers. Anti-war activist Brian Becker says the US is seeking to extend its influence in eastern Europe.


Handover Hangover: Karzai orders Afghan control of Bagram base

November 20, 2012

Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai has ordered his top security officials to take full control of the prison at Bagram air base. It’s still run by the US – despite an agreement to transfer power to Afghan authorities signed back in March.

President Obama’s Post-Election Militancy

November 13, 2012

Global Research
Stephan Lendman

Obama didn’t miss a beat. He picked up where he left off. He’s America’s most belligerent leader. He’s waging multiple direct and proxy wars abroad and at home by other means.

Despite pressing unresolved domestic issues, he celebrated his electoral victory belligerently.

On November 7, he bombed Yemen. Washington’s been waging proxy war there for years. Daily attacks occur. Drones are the weapon of choice.

Remote warriors conduct sanitized killing on the cheap. Death and injury tolls rise. Mostly civilians are harmed. On November 8, Press TV headlined “US drone kills three in Yemen.” US mainstream media ignored it.

Hours after Obama’s reelection, a “drone strike near the Yemeni capital has killed three people and injured two others.”

Deadly attacks persist. International, constitutional, and US statute laws are violated. Ordinary people are harmed most. Civilian men, women and children are terrorized and traumatized.

Obama’s victory lap also included more Iranian sanctions. Multiple rounds imposed are illegal. A November 8 State Department press release announced the latest measure, headlining:

“Designations of Iranian Individuals and Entities for Censorship Activities Under the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act and Executive Order 13628.”

Five Iranian entities and four individuals were targeted. Accusations are part of America’s longstanding anti-Iranian hostility.

Washington claims they engage in “censorship or other activities that prohibit, limit, or penalize freedom of expression or assembly by citizens of Iran, or that limit access to print or broadcast media, including by jamming international satellite broadcasts into Iran, and related activities.”

“U.S. persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions involving the designated individuals or entities, and all designated individuals and members of designated entities are subject to a ban on travel to the United States. This action also blocks, or freezes, the property and interests in property of designated individuals or entities.”

The press release disingenuously claimed Washington “will continue to stand with the Iranian people in their quest to protect their dignity and freedoms and prevent the Iranian Government from creating an ‘electronic curtain’ to cut Iranian citizens off from the rest of the world.”

Sanctions in place impose enormous hardships on Iranian civilians. A health crisis exists. Vital medications aren’t available or are in short supply. Medical equipment breaks down for lack of spare parts.

Human suffering and deaths result. Crimes against humanity breach fundamental international law. Civilians must be protected at all times.

Targeting nonbelligerent countries is lawless and unconscionable. Washington prioritizes it. Obama is America’s most belligerent president in history. He exceeded the worst of his predecessor. His second term may eclipse his war on humanity so far.

A previous article explained US and Israeli anti-Iranian red lines, timelines, deadlines, sanctions, sabotage, subversion, cyber attacks, assassinations, saber rattling, falsified IAEA hype, ad nauseam warmongering, Obama/Netanyahu bluster, spurious accusations, manipulated to fail P5+1 talks, and inflammatory headlines intended to promote regime change and war.

Iran and Syria top America’s target list. Syrian opposition groups wrap up their Doha meeting Friday. AFP said opposition elements are “under pressure to unite and bring in all parties (under) new leadership with Islamists heavily represented.”

On Thursday, a 40-member general secretariat was elected. On Friday, a president will be chosen. Dissension and disarray marked days of discussions.

Washington wants officials in place serving US interests. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Clinton issued “direct orders about what the Syrian opposition should do to form a ‘government in exile’ and” who’d be permitted to join it.

Syrian National Council (SNC) head Abdelbaset Sieda objected to being marginalized and perhaps shut out. It’s unclear what’s in place.

On November 7, the UK Telegraph headlined “Syrian opposition plan falls apart on eve of Doha conference,” saying:

Ahead of Thursday’s meeting, three dissident factions pulled out. Representatives from the National Coordinating Committee, Syrian Democratic Platform, and Kurdish minority rejected Clinton’s plan. An unnamed Western source said, “There are too many people against this initiative for it to work now.”

SNC military representative Jamal al-Wa’ard said, “The components that were not in the SNC are not coming. The idea of a bigger coalition initiative has failed.”

SNC members rejected Western efforts to impose a solution on Syria. Deputy Revolutionary Council head Ahmed Zaidan said, “Everyone feels that this initiative is imposed. They’ve weaved the cloth but now there is no one to wear it.”

Washington-style diplomacy imposes its will on others whether or not they concur. America, Britain and France announced their support for newly appointed Secretariat members “as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

Financial and military support will be provided. It’s been ongoing since last year. Most weapons used come from Washington, Britain, France, and other NATO members.

British Prime Minister David Cameron toured Middle East countries to sell arms. He also wants the 2011 Syrian weapons embargo lifted. The measure’s text in part says:

“By way of derogation….the competent authorities in the Member States….may authorize the sale, supply, transfer or export of equipment which might be used for internal repression, under such conditions as they deem appropriate, if they determine that such equipment is intended solely for humanitarian or protective use.”

Cameron wants the meaning twisted to do openly what’s been ongoing covertly since conflict began last year. The London Guardian said he’ll press Obama to prioritize Syria. He wants stepped up efforts to oust Assad.

He said he’s determined to act. “That means more help for the opposition, more pressure at the UN, more help for the refugees, more work with the neighbors but also a general sort of:”

“Look, let’s be frank what we’ve done for the last 18 months hasn’t been enough. The slaughter continues. The bloodshed is appalling, the bad effects it’s having on the region, the radicalization but also the humanitarian crisis that is engulfing Syria.”

“So let’s work together on really pushing what more we can do, what other steps we can take to hasten the end of this regime.”

He wants more aggressive options on the table. Expect direct Western intervention if what he has in mind fails. With US elections concluded, it’s more likely. It could happen early next year or sooner.

On November 8, Russia Today interviewed Assad. He’ll not leave Syria, he stressed. He’ll live or die there. He was frank and clear, saying:

“We are the last stronghold of secularism and stability in the region and coexistence, let’s say, it will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific and you know the implication on the rest of the world.”

“I am not a puppet. I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country,” he said. “I am Syrian, I was made in Syria, I have to live in Syria and die in Syria.”

He doesn’t expect direct Western intervention, but isn’t sure what’s next. He calls “the price of (possible foreign) invasion….more than the whole world can afford.”

“My enemy is terrorism and instability in Syria.”

“The West creates enemies. In the past, it was the communism then it became Islam, and then it became Saddam Hussein for a different reason. Now, they want to create a new enemy represented by Bashar.”

“The fight now is not the president’s fight – it is Syrians’ fight to defend their country.”

It’s “not about the power of the President. It is about the whole society.”

“Syria faces not a civil war, but terrorism by proxies….(F)oreign fighters (came) from abroad.”

“Without foreign rebel fighters and smuggled weapons, we could finish everything in weeks.”

“Al-Qaeda’s final aim is an Islamic emirate in Syria.”

He’ll talk with anyone willing to help Syrians. He won’t waste time with elements wanting conflict to persist for their own interests.

“We are fighting terrorism. We are implementing our constitution by protecting the Syrian people.

Asked if he’d do anything differently from when protests began last March, he said, “I would do what I did on March 15 (2011).”

“Exactly the same. (He’d) ask different parties to have dialogue and stand against terrorists because that is how it started. It did not start as marches.”

“The umbrella or cover was the marches, but within those marches you had militants who started shooting civilians and the army at the same time.”

“Maybe on the tactical level, you could have done something different but as a president you are not tactical. You always take the decision on a strategic level which is something different.”

He hopes Syria will emerge from conflict safe, stable, secure, and more prosperous. He knows it won’t happen soon. Washington’s regime change plans won’t change. Achieving them is something else entirely.

A Final Comment

Daily violence rages in Syria. Terror attacks are a way of life. Car bombs and other violence happen regularly. No place is safe.

The longer conflict persists, the more public support grows for Assad. He’s the last line of defense for ordinary Syrians. Even those against him rely on security forces for help.

Western-backed foreign mercenaries lack support and credibility. Syrians deplore who they are and what they stand for. They want Syria transformed into a fundamentalist caliphate. They want Sharia replacing secular law.

Syrians want to choose their own form of government. They don’t want outsiders doing it for them. Foreign invader control will make Syria ungovernable like Libya. People know what’s going on there and want no part of it.

Even The New York Times expressed some rare candor. It admitted that “rebel fighters….are losing crucial support from a public increasingly disgusted by the actions of some rebels, including poorly planned missions, senseless destruction, criminal behavior and the coldblooded killing of prisoners.”

The shift in public sentiment is palpable. Radicalized opposition elements scare people. Daily bloodshed reminds everyone of what’s coming if they gain control.

An unnamed Saraqib Syrian said, “They were supposed to be the people on whom we depend to build a civil society.” Instead, they’re destroying it.

An Aleppo resident “begged rebels not to camp in a neighborhood telecommunications office. But they did, and government attacks knocked out phone service.”

“One fighter shot into the air when customers at a bakery did not let him cut into a long line for bread. Another was enraged when a man washing his car accidentally splashed him. He shot at him.” He escaped unharmed.

Twenty months after conflict began, people “are trapped in a darkening mood of despair, revulsion and fear that neither side can end the conflict.”

“The most significant change is (that people openly) criticize rebels.”

“Small acts of petty humiliation and atrocities like executions have led many more Syrians to believe that (many) rebels are (morally) depraved….”

They “forced government soldiers from a milk factory, then destroyed it, even though residents needed the milk and had good relations with the owner.”

“They shelled the factory and stole everything. Those are repulsive acts.”

Syrians also know who bears responsibility for months of conflict and what’s at stake. LIke others throughout the region, they deplore Washington for good reason. They want to live free from Western dominance. They may end up dying for it.

NATO Ready to Attack Syria?

October 23, 2012

The UK and the US have drafted new sanctions aimed at the Syrian Government during the UN Security Council discussions. Russia and China don’t support the initiative created under the so-called Chapter #7, which implies foreign military intervention into the country – it will put pressure on the Syrian Government and make the situation worse, they argue. RT’s Marina Portnaya brings the details from New York.


Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

September 26, 2012

Published on Sep 25, 2012
Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies OPENLY suggests that the US should provoke Iran into taking the first shot.Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran. Just like 911 in New York causing the deaths of American civilians and soldiers, a million dead Iraqis and for what?

Libya militia leader: Heat-seeking missiles, other weapons stolen during firefight

September 25, 2012

Washington Post

BENGHAZI, Libya — The commander of a powerful Libyan militia said Monday that looters had stolen “a large number” of shoulder-fired, heat-seeking missiles from the militia’s base when protesters who called for dismantling the country’s militias overran the compound.

Ismail Salabi, the commander of Rafallah al-Sahati, a powerful Islamist militia in Benghazi, said in an interview that the missiles, used by fighters to “hit airplanes” and known to the U.S. intelligence community as MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems), were stolen along with 2,000 semiautomatic rifles and ammunition, as the militia withdrew from its base amid a firefight early Saturday.

Saleh Jouda, a member of Libya’s elected General National Congress and the deputy head of national security, said the government did not have any information about stolen weapons aside from “between 1,000 and 2,000 guns.” He said the government had set up new security checkpoints to track down the weapons. But there was no evidence of new checkpoints in Benghazi on Monday.

The militias were carrying out arrests Monday of people believed to have been involved in the weekend incidents.

The clashes at Rafallah al-Sahati’s base followed a mass protest Friday, during which thousands of Libyans marched through Benghazi demanding the establishment of a strong national army and the dissolution of the hundreds of militias that have run Libya’s streets in the security vacuum since Moammar Gaddafi’s fall last year.

By early Saturday, protesters, aided by other government-allied militias, had overrun four militia bases, including Rafallah al-Sahati’s, and a base belonging to the extremist group Ansar al-Sharia, which many here have accused of involvement in the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulatethat killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

Libya’s militias consist largely of former rebels who in some cases have amassed large quantities of heavy weapons, stolen from Gaddafi’s arsenals over the course of Libya’s eight-month revolution. The country’s weak central government has yet to develop a clear plan to collect those weapons.

The president of the General National Congress told reporters Saturday that all of the militias would be absorbed into a unified national force, or required to disband. However, there is a fine line between the militias that already fall under the loose central command in Tripoli and those that don’t.

During Monday’s interview, Salabi referred to his militia at times as “the nucleus of the new Libyan army,” and at other times as an organization separate from and victimized by the national army. He also said that his group and two other government-affiliated militias are the only groups in Benghazi capable of reclaiming the stolen weapons.

“There is no organized militia that can get these weapons back, other than Rafallah al-Sahati, the February 17th [Brigade] and Libya Shield. We can attack the places where the weapons are,” he said.

It was unclear whose hands the weapons had fallen into. But Salabi suggested that clashes had broken out between rival militias over the looting of Rafallah al-Sahati’s weapons. “Most of the clashes were over who was going to get control of the weapons,” he said.

A senior Obama administration official said earlier this month that U.S. intelligence estimates that 100 to 1,000 MANPADS are still unaccounted for in Libya, despite U.S. efforts to destroy them. Intelligence officials believe that some of the MANPADS have been smuggled across Libya’s borders.

Glen Doherty, a former Navy SEAL and one of the Americans killed in the consulate attack, told ABC News last month that he had gone into Libya to track down MANPADS as a contractor for the State Department.

The United States and the Soviet Union stockpiled MANPADS during the Cold War. Although military aircraft now have countermeasures that have rendered the weapons largely ineffective in conventional battle, MANPADS continue to pose a serious threat to passenger planes.

Under Gaddafi’s rule, Libya is believed to have collected more MANPADS than any other nation that did not produce them, according to the State Department. During the country’s 2011 civil war, rebels seized troves of weapons from government depots. Many were later sold on the black market.Fearing that terrorist groups could acquire Libyan MANPADS, U.S. officials in November launched a $40 million effort to recover the missiles.

“In the wrong hands, shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles pose a major threat to passenger air travel, the commercial aviation industry and possibly military aircraft around the world,” Andrew J. Shapiro, an assistant secretary of state who oversees the effort said in a speech this year.“Not only could a successful attack against an aircraft cause a devastating loss of life, but it could also cause significant economic damage.”

Meeting with Libya’s president on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a strong endorsement of Libya’s democratic transition. She did not mention the Benghazi consulate attack during brief opening remarks heard by reporters.

Libyan President Mohamed Yusuf al-Magariaf thanked Clinton for U.S. support and said Libya bears “a grave responsibility for this tragedy.” He pledged to “expedite the investigation in the incident and to bring to justice the perpetrators.”

Magariaf noted that thousands of Libyans had marched in the streets to protest the attack. Those demonstrations “embodied the conscience of the Libyan people,” he said.

“What happened on [the] 11th of September toward these U.S. citizens does not express in any way the conscience of the Libyan people, their aspirations, their hopes or their sentiments toward the American people,” he said.

Earlier Monday, Clinton addressed the wave of often violent anti-American protests related to a YouTube video that mocks Islam.

“Dignity does not come from avenging insults, especially with violence that can never be justified,” she said in remarks to her husband’s Clinton Global Initiative development forum. “It comes from taking responsibility and advancing our common humanity.”

Anne Gearan in New York and Ernesto Londoño in Washington contributed to this report.


‘Double Standards’ on Press TV – Guest Patrick Henningsen give analysis on Syria’s civil war

September 24, 2012

Double Standards host Afshin Rattansi’s guest Patrick Henningsen breaks down the situation in Syria and exposes the Western Axis countries’ hypocrisy regarding their regime change tactics following the forced-collapse of Libya only months earlier (broadcast in Jan 2012).


Patrick Henningsen on UK Column Live Sept 20 – 21st

September 22, 2012

Sept 20th – Louise Collins, Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen present today’s UK Column Live, with the usual news update, plus the Leveson Inquiry and the possible re-invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia.

Sept 21st – Patrick Henningsen and Brian Gerrish with today’s news update including abusive MPs, lying global corporations, the Clash of Civilisation expanding from Christian -v- Muslim to Jew -v- Muslim, the House of Saud helping Al-Qaida into Syria to fight for the “opposition”, the UK’s jobless generation, and “the EU should undermine national homogeneity”.


ALL AMERICA MUST SEE THIS! Breaking Reality ~ 2013

September 19, 2012

What price Freedom? WE must take up Arms in Defense of the Innocent. This Evil Cabal, which includes DC, intends to destroy you, me and everything beautiful and sacred thing left on this planet! If you think that the 2012 election is the answer then, you are still completely asleep. If you think that your world will continue on in tranquility, you are deluded. Please, please Wake-Up, please! Time is very short.


HITLER IN ARGENTINA? Watch Trailer for Premiere of ’21st Century Wire’ on PSTV

August 26, 2012

’21st Century Wire’ – A new TV program premiering August 30th at 7pm on PSTV, SKY Channel 191 in the UK. Episode one entitled, “A Fourth Reich in the Sun?”, reveals new evidence and independent testimonies detailing how – and why, Adolph Hitler, Martin Bormann and other high ranking Nazis were spirited away to Patagonia in Argentina after World War II. Hosted by Patrick Henningsen, with special guest author and veteran journalist Gerrard Williams.